Reach out to colleges, sponsors & employers

Demonstrate both your golf performance and your personality in a way that makes you stand out in the crowd. 


Whether you’re an aspiring golfer trying to attract the attention of a school, land a sponsor, or get a job, 

Fairwayvision profile videos and photo shoots feature personalised content and compelling narratives to help you achieve this goal.

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Showcase your talent or area of interest in the golf industry, and connect with viewers at an emotional level.

Tell the story of your golf career

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Powerful Image Portfolios

Capture the important moments of your golf career through a professional portfolio of on-course golf shots. 

Success Stories

Tell your golf story with images... professionally shot still photos and video bring your golf game to life and validate your successes on and off the golf course. 


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Every golfer has a story to tell, and we're here to help share yours with the world in a way that's authentic and entertaining.

Whether you're hoping to get noticed by college coaches or sponsors, or conducting an interview or presentation for a golf industry project, it's important that your image and message are professional and engaging

Victoria Fricot, Australia
Willy Bishop, Canada
Steven Cox, Australia

Fairwayvision video profiles combine professionally recorded on-course segments, practice sessions and personal interviews in a creative montage.

On the course or at the range, we know how to capture the right swing angles, and the most scenic backdrops.

During interviews, we apply the same professional and technical shooting standards that we use at golf courses or tournaments, while keeping the Q & A process fun and low-key. Most golfers who initially dread their on-camera interview end up becoming enthusiastic participants - a key to their success, and ours!

For some clients, we’ll also interview coaches, other golfers or industry reps, family and friends to further enhance their story.  

During post-production we add b-roll, archival images, graphics and music to complete the package. The finished video profile becomes a powerful résumé, and a permanent digital archive of your golf story. 

Alison Murdoch, Canadian Golf Hall of Fame

A professional photo of a golfer swinging a club is one of the most powerful images in sport.


And much like making a proper golf swing, getting a quality photo that will engage the viewer is a specialised skill, requiring the right equipment and experience. 


If you're promoting your golf career, a golf product or a golf service, Fairwayvision has you covered.

Fairwayvision has been shooting photos of golfers playing golf since the 1990s, covering the drama and emotion of tournament play, and the lifestyle of the sport from the clubhouse to the green. We also offer photo shoots featuring golf equipment and apparel.


Depending on the needs of the client, Fairwayvision can include both custom videography and photography services at the golf course. We cover it all!

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